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mammary gland-related publications
A non-enzymatic microsurgical dissection technique of mouse embryonic tissues for gene expression profiling applications (2011).
Li Sun, May Yin Lee, and Jacqueline M. Veltmaat.
The International Journal for Developmental Biology, 55(10-12):969-74,  Epub: 2011 Dec 09; pdf.

Ectodermal influx and cell hypertrophy drive early growth of all five murine mammary rudiment pairs, and are differentially regulated among them
by Gli3 (2011).
May Yin Lee, Victor Racine, Peter Jagadpramana, Li Sun, Weimiao Yu, Tiehua Du, Bradley Spencer-Dene, Nicole Rubin, Lendy T. Le, Delphine Ndiaye, Saverio Bellusci, Klaus Kratochwil, and Jacqueline M. Veltmaat.
PLoS ONE 6(10):e26242 1-15. PMID:22046263, Epub: 2011 Oct 27; pdf.

Pygo2 expands mammary progenitor cells by facilitatinghistone H3 K4 methylation (2009).
Bingnan Gu, Peng Sun, Yuanyang Yuan, Ricardo C. Moraes, Aihua Li, Andy Teng, Anshu Agrawal, Catherine Rhéaume, Virginia Bilanchone, Jacqueline M. Veltmaat, Ken-Ichi Takemaru, Sarah Millar, Eva Y-H. P. Lee, Michael T. Lewis, Boan Li, and Xing Dai.
Journal of Cell Biology 185(5):811-26. PMID:19487454; pdf.

Mammary glands and feathers: Comparing two skin appendages which help define novel classes during vertebrate evolution (2007).
Randall B. Widelitz, Jacqueline M. Veltmaat, Julie A. Mayer, John Foley, Cheng-Ming Chuong.
Seminars in Cell and Developmental Biology 18(2):255-66. PMID:17382566, Epub: 2007 Feb 20; Request a copy.

Gli3-mediated somitic Fgf10 expression gradients are required for the induction andpatterning of mammary epithelium along the embryonic axes (2006).
Jacqueline M. Veltmaat, Frédéric Relaix, Lendy T. Le, Klaus Kratochwil, Frédéric G. Sala, Wendy van Veelen, Ritva Rice, Bradley Spencer-Dene, Arnaud A. Mailleux, David P. Rice, Jean Paul Thiery, Saverio Bellusci.
Development 133(12):2325-2335. PMID:16720875 – with editorial; pdf.

Next stop, the twilight zone: Hedgehog network regulation of mammary gland development (2004).
Michael T. Lewis and Jacqueline M. Veltmaat.
Journal of Mammary Gland Biology and Neoplasia 9(2):165-181. PMID:15300011; Request a copy.

Identification of the mammary line in mouse by Wnt10b expression (2004).
Jacqueline M. Veltmaat, Wendy van Veelen (co-1st), Jean Paul Thiery, Saverio Bellusci.
Developmental Dynamics 229(2):349-56. PMID:14745960; pdf.

Mouse embryonic mammogenesis as a model for the molecular regulation of pattern formation (2003).
Jacqueline M. Veltmaat, Arnaud A. Mailleux, Jean Paul Thiery, Saverio Bellusci.
Differentiation 71:1-17. PMID:12558599; Request a copy.

book chapter
Jacqueline M. Veltmaat. Development and anomalies of the skin and its appendages (2007).
In: “Applied Embryology” medical e-textbook . Ed: M. Dudas MD, PhD,
Publ: University of Kosice, Slovak Republic. link.

Quantitative image analysis in mammary gland morphologies (2008).
Yan Nei Law, Sherlynn P.L. Ang, Victor Racine, Jacqueline M. Veltmaat, Hwee Kuan Lee.
8th world congress on Computational Mechanics. link.

lung- and trachea-related publications
FGF10 controls the patterning of the tracheal cartilage rings via SHH (2011).
Frederic Sala, Pierre del Moral, Caterina Tiozzo, Denise Al Alam, David Warburton, Tracy Grikscheit, Jacqueline Veltmaat, and Saverio Bellusci.
Development 138(2):273-82. PMID: 21148187, Epub: 2010 Dec 09; pdf.

FGF10 dosage is critical for the amplification of epithelial cell progenitors and for the formation of multiple mesenchymal lineages during lung development (2007).
Suresh K. Ramasamy, Arnaud A. Mailleux, Varsha V. Gupte, Francisca Mata, Frédéric G. Sala, Jacqueline M. Veltmaat, Pierre M. Del Moral, Stijn De Langhe, Sara Parsa, Lisa K. Kelly, Robert Kelly, Eli Keshet, Parviz Minoo, David Warburton, and Savério Bellusci.
Developmental Biology 307(2):237-47. PMID:17560563, Epub: 2007 May 03; Request a copy.

Differential role of FGF9 on epithelium andmesenchyme in mouse embryonic lung (2006).
Pierre-Marie del Moral, Stijn P. De Langhe, Frédéric G. Sala, Jacqueline M. Veltmaat, Denise Tefft, Kasper Wang, David Warburton, Saverio Bellusci.
Developmental Biology 293(1):77-89. PMID:16494859, Epub: 2006 Feb 21; Request a copy.

Fgf10 expression identifies parabronchiolar smooth muscle cell progenitors and is required for their entry into the smooth muscle cell lineage (2005).
Arnaud A. Mailleux, Robert Kelly, Jacqueline M. Veltmaat, Stijn De Langhe, Stéphane Zaffran, Jean Paul Thiery, Saverio Bellusci.
Development 132:2157-2166. PMID:15800000, Epub: 2005 Mar 30; pdf.

intestine- and liver-related publications
Fibroblast growth factor 10 is critical for liver growth during embryogenesis and controls hepatoblast survival via beta-catenin activation (2007).
Berg T, Rountree CB, Lee L, Estrada J, Sala FG, Choe A, Veltmaat JM, De Langhe S, Lee R, Tsukamoto H, Crooks GM, Bellusci S, Wang KS.
Hepatology 46(4):1187-97. PMID:17668871; Request a copy.

Fibroblast Growth Factor 10 is required for survival and proliferation but not differentiation of epithelial cells during murine colon development (2006).
Frédéric G. Sala, Jennifer L. Curtis, Jacqueline M. Veltmaat, Pierre M. Del Moral, Timothy J. Fairbanks, David Warburton, Kasper Wang, R. Cartland Burns and Saverio Bellusci.
Developmental Biology 299(2):373-85. PMID:16956603, Epub: 2006 Aug 09; Request a copy.

Colonic atresia without mesenteric vascular occlusion.The role of the fibroblast growth factor 10 signaling pathway (2005).
Fairbanks TJ, Kanard RC, Del Moral PM, Sala FG, De Langhe SP, Lopez CA, Veltmaat JM, Warburton D, Anderson KD, Bellusci S, Burns RC.
Journal of Pediatric Surgery 40(2):390-6.  PMID:15750935; Request a copy.

The role of FGF10 in the pathogenesis of the intestine (2005).
F.G. Sala, J.L. Curtis, P.M. Del Moral, T.J. Fairbanks, J.M.Veltmaat, R.C.Burns, D. Warburton, K Wang, S. Bellusci.
Mech of Dev. 122: S52-S53 Suppl. 1 (Abstracts of the 15th International Society of Developmental Biologists Congress).

The role of vasculogenesis in the pathogenesis of intestinal atresia (2004).
Timothy J. Fairbanks, Robert Kanard, Y. Robert Kim, Chrissy Lopez, Frederic Sala, Pierre Del Moral, Stijn De Langhe, Jacqueline Veltmaat, Saverio Bellusci, Kathryn Anderson, R. Cartland Burns.
J. of Am. Coll. of Surgeons 199(3): S52-S53.

parietal endoderm-related publications
Dynamic Connexin43 expression and gap junctional communication during endoderm differentiation of F9 embryonal carcinoma cells (2000).
M.A.G. van der Heyden, J.M. Veltmaat (co-1st), J.A.A. Hendriks, O.H.J. Destrée, L.H.K. Defize.
The European Journal of Cell Biology 79:272-282. PMID:10826495; Request a copy.

Snail is an immediate early target gene of Parathyroid Hormone related Peptide signaling in parietal endoderm formation (2000).
Jacqueline M. Veltmaat, Claudia C. Orelio, Dorien Ward-van Oostwaard, Marga A. van Rooijen, Christine L. Mummery, Libert H.K. Defize.
International Journal of Developmental Biology 44(3):297-307. PMID:10853826 + coverpage pdf.

Parathyroid hormone-related peptide (PTHrP) induces parietal endoderm formation exclusively via the type I PTH/PTHrP receptor (1999).
Mark H.G. Verheijen, Marcel Karperien, Ung-il Chung, Merel van Wijnen, Heleen Heystek, Jeanine A.A. Hendriks, Jacqueline M. Veltmaat,
Beate Lanske, En Li, Clemens W.G.M. Löwik, Siegfried W. De Laat, Henry M. Kronenberg, Libert H.K. Defize.
Mechanisms of Development 81:151-161. PMID:10330492; Request a copy.

Actions of Parathyroid Hormone related Peptide in Mouse Parietal Endoderm Formation – Snail’s tail tells a tale – (2001).
Jacqueline M. Veltmaat
Publ: Febodruk BV, Enschede, The Netherlands. ISBN 90-393-2711-4.

publications related to other organs
Gli3Xt-J/Xt-Jmice exhibit lambdoid suture craniosynostosis which results from altered osteoprogenitor proliferation and differentiation (2010).
David P.C. Rice, Elaine C. Connor, Jacqueline M. Veltmaat, Eva Lana-Elola, Lotta Veistinen, Yukiho Tanimoto, Saverio Bellusci,
Ritva Rice
Human Molecular Genetics 19(17):3457-67. PMID:20570969 Epub2010Jun22; pdf

molecular and cell biology related publications
Cloning and analysis of the mouse Follistatin promoter (2000).
E. De Groot, J. Veltmaat, A. Caricasole, L. Defize, A. van den Eijnden-van Raaij.
Molecular Biology Reports 27(3):129-39. PMID:11254102; Request a copy.

Involvement of the tyrosine kinase FER in cell adhesion  (1998).
Roberto Rosato, Jacqueline M. Veltmaat (co-1st), John Groffen, Nora Heisterkamp.
Molecular and Cellular Biology 18(10):5762-5770. PMID:9742093; pdf

Other publications
genealogy publication
Veldmaat-Veldmate-Veltmaat, vier stammen, één boek. Geschiedenis van een naam vanaf ca. 1600 (2008).
Petra van Hevele-Veltmaat and Jacqueline Veltmaat.
Publ: DDMC Raalte, The Netherlands.
Book (Dutch) about the history of farming fields called “veldmaat”, including up to 4 centuries of genealogy of 4 families
deriving their name from these farms.