Laboratory of Mammary Gland Development
lab members

Jacqueline Veltmaat, PhD.

principal investigator,

is responsible for project design and securing funding, as well as  supervision and mentoring of staff and interns.

lab group

Soo Piang Chin (Benjamin),

examines the role of Fibroblast Growth Factor signaling in post-natal mammary gland development and provides samples for MammoQuant and other tests.

May Yin Lee,

started off as a graduate student in the lab, and currently continues as a fellow, to examine the role of Gli3 in conjunction with Fibroblast Growth Factor and Wnt signaling, in the induction and early pre-natal growth of the mammary rudiments.

Sun Li,

identifies novel molecular markers of mammary epithelial cell fate induction in the surface ectoderm, and examines these molecules for a potential regulatory role in this fate determination process.
Veltmaat Lab alumni
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polytechnic undergraduates high school/junior college students

Ang Pei Ling (Sherlynn)

Wong Meng Kang

Lendy Le (at Saban RI)

Yeo Chu Earn (Timothy)

Ng Hsien Chun (Aloysius)

Khaw Beng Chin (Kevin)

Yap Xin Ning (Adeline)

Duong Van Quynh Thu

Wendy van Veelen (at Curie)

Nicole Rubin (at Saban RI)

Liow Ching Feng (Stephanie)

Lur Yee Hong (Kenneth)

Yip En Hui (Grace)

Sharifah Humairah

Syaza Hazwany Mohamed

Zhou Tian Tian

Ong Shu Hui (Deborah)

Lee Puay Ling

Ter Soo Kai

Uong Bao Lam

Tan Khee Ming

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